Submission Fighters BJJSubmission Fighters BJJ

  • NEW Black/ Blue Belt 01.02.20 A big honour for me to award my third BJJ black belt to Imran. The black belt journey has just brgun. Congratulations to Zein Ishaq Duncan Adil on their blue belts. Oosss
  • 4th degree Prof Fabricio Moreira Thank you to all for attending the seminar with Prof. Fabricio. A lot of BJJ knowledge was passed on to the student and many techniques were covered.
  • NEW BLACK, PURPLE and BLUE BELTS Had the Honour and the pleasure today to promote two of the most dedicated students as Black Belts, Ameer Badshah and Salaman Iqbal. Very well done. A big congratulations to Musaab Ahmed and Faisal Kiyani on their purple belts. A huge shout out to the 11 blue belts squad. Tough competitors 04.05.19
  • Blue Belt Congratulations to Riaz on the Blue belt, a true dedication. 31/07/18
  • Qais Blue Belt Congratulation to Qais on his Blue belt after the amazing results, (Double gold+Gold) at the Bristol and British Open.
  • Bristol Open 2018 A very well display of JiuJitsu and great performance by the team at Bristol Open. Quais Double Gold James Silver and Bronze Ashwaad Bronze Well done guys
  • Tufeil Purple, Jiyaad Blue Congrats to Tufeil and Jiyaad in getting their new belts, keep up the good work. Oooss
  • New blue belts in the house Congratulations to Ahmed, Arif and Shazzad in getting their well deserved blue belts. Oosss
  • Jay getting silver at SO Congratulations to Jay in getting silver at the Surrey Open. He has been rewarded Blue Belt and setting up his new BJJ journey. Well done
  • Gold again congrats to Lashuan in getting gold medal at the southend open.
  • Team S21 at the southend open Wel done to all the S21 fighters who medalled at the southend open....Tomas gold..Lashuan gold..Jamal silver..Musaab bronze. Ooss
  • S21 Seminar 31.05.15 Thanks to all the students for taking part in the Gi/No Gi seminar. Congratulations for the guys who got stripes on their belts and for the promotion.
  • Team S21 performance at BO 2015 Thanks to all the S21/99 guys who competed and to the one supporting the team.... 1 gold.... 1silver..... 2 bronze.... Great learning experience, back to training again.... Oosss
  • S21 boys have done it again at TUFF No Gi Well done to the eight S21/99 fighters who fought at no Gi Tuff comp... 3 gold... 3 silver... 2 bronze... We got 2nd place trophy as team as well... Oosss
  • S21 boys sweeping medals at TUFF comp Very proud of you boys, you\\\\\\\'ve done very well today, S21 fighters have displayed a very good JiuJitsu....3 Gold....3 Silver.....2 Bronze... and 2nd place trophy as team...Oosss
  • GFT Comp results January 2015 Submission fighters today\\\'s results at GFT comp Rashid (gold) Ameer (gold,gold,silver) Shazzad (silver) Lashuan (silver) Jason (bronze) Well done guys Oosss
  • 2014 S21 Seminar I would like to thank everyone for attending our S21 Seminar. A big congratulations to the students who got awarded new belts with an authentic S21 certification..... (Rafiq brown, Kausar purple, Jason blue). and also to the ones who got stripes on their belts.
  • Submission Fighters\\\'s promotion A big congratulations to submission fighters who received their new belts. Hamza jam purple Hamza bang blue Delores blue Sulyman blue
  • Submission Fighters smashing it at Grapplers SD SF team doing really well at GSD. Ameer 2gold bronze Hamza gold Abdullah gold Bilal silver Delors silver Sulyman silver Othman silver Khattab silver Seif bronze
  • Submission Fighters getting their Blue Belts Jay dodds Mohammed Tufail Dany Lyons Amir Shafaq Jamie Humphrey
  • Lashuan Burford Lashuan has been competing in a white belt division and doing very well, he\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s just been with SF team for 9 months. Congratulations for your Blue Belt.
  • Adam Jahovic Blue Belt Adam is an MMA fighter, a high level Judo Black Belt and he has recently been awarded his BJJ Blue Belt. a very tough fighter, well done mate.
  • Steve Hoang Purple Belt A big congratulations to steve\\\"Half Guard\\\" in getting his Purple Belt.
  • Submission Fighters at London International Open Well done to All SF who went to compete at London International Open 1gold 1silver 2bronze
  • Team Submission Fighters at Tuff Gi I would like to say well done to all Submission Fighters who went down to the comp and fought incredibly hard and especially the one who medalled, we went with 13 monsters and came back with 3 golds 1 silver 1 bronze. A big thank you to Walid, Hamza, BigZ, Mohamed, Adam.
  • New Blue Belt at Submission Fighters Congratulations to Matt Hammond in getting his Blue belt. Well deserved mate.
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